AMCI Gives Back

Join the AMC Institute team for a Run to Help the Helpers Virtual Run/Walk/Rollsupporting 'Taking Care of Our Own' programs helping medical transport personnel improve mental health and wellness. Click on Group/Teams and AMC Institute to run to Help the Helpers with AMCI and read more about how you can take part below. 

Register today to join the AMC Institute team at MFI’s 2020 Virtual Run/Walk/Roll to Help the Helpers!

MedEvac Foundation International (MFI) supports all First Responders working in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) – anyone who stabilizes patients on the scene and provides life-saving medical care during transport to a trauma center. Whether by airplane, helicopter, vehicle, or vessel – ambulance crews keep the window of time open during the 'golden hour' when critical medical care determines life or death. If you have you found yourself, a loved one, or witnessed a scene in which someone is fighting for their life, you've probably heard these words, "We got you." or "You're gonna be ok." or "Help is on the way." 

For all of the happy endings, unfortunately, there are many that, despite every effort, have sustained injuries that are too great to be saved. These are the tragic scenes that our First Responders bring home and cannot unsee, erase from memory, or shake from their thoughts. Often, these burdens are so great that our Helpers too, need support. 

MFI is teaching thousands of medical transport personnel, both employees and volunteers, how to ask for the help they need to process through the stress and trauma that is their daily life and work, now more than ever. By teaching first responders to recognize warning signs in their peers, MFI is creating a network to allow these Helpers to receive the support they need to do what they love.

AMCI invites you to "Run to Help the Helpers" and be their help that's on its way. Your registration to join the AMCI virtual run/walk/roll team enables MFI to provide a range of services including EMS mental health support, in-person and virtual wellness training, mindfulness instruction, recovery support, and line of duty death grants to surviving spouses and their children.

Please join the AMC Institute team and run/walk/roll to Help the Helpers100% of your MedEvac Foundation registration fee and donations go to Taking Care of Our Own EMS life-saving programs to prevent suicide.

Questions?  Contact our team captain, Alisha White, [email protected]