Top 10 Tried & True Tips & Tricks for Business Development

Top 10 Tips Tried & True Tips & Tricks for Business Development

 Here is a helpful top 10 list to assist you in ensuring success in your business development efforts offered by Jeanne Sheehy, MBA, CMO, Bostrom, Megan Woodburn, CAE, Founder and CEO, Strategic Association Management (SAM) and Katie Callahan-Giobbi, Head of Business Development, SmithBucklin.

1. Growing the Pie

In addition to the efforts of AMCI, each member has the ability and responsibility to promote the AMC model. Visit for tips and tools you can use in your new business conversations.

2. Do What You Do Best

No two AMCs are the same whether it is full association management services or a la carte outsourced services. Know your AMC’s core offerings and capabilities and how you are positioned in the marketplace.

3. Build Your Business Development Infrastructure

Leverage your internal talent, insights, and resources to position your AMC for success. Depending on the size of your organization you need to set a clear path for business development. Establish who in the organization is responsible for what part of the process from lead generation to follow-up to proposal writing to presentation.  

4. Tools to Keep You Organized

From your client database to social media posts to prospect communication protocols, your business development efforts need to be properly planned and reflect your AMC’s new business philosophy and growth plans.

5. Identifying Your Ideal Customer Profile

Refine your ideal customer profile and define your evaluation criteria to focus your business development efforts. Learn how to politely say no. A marketing and alignment tool perfect for this exercise is ABM or Account-Based Marketing

6. Embrace the COVID Pivot

Continuous evaluation of the marketplace is a must. Be proactive and think through how your AMC can respond to the changing competitive landscape. There are so many openings, regulations, safety precautions, etc. changing every day. Set up a special ops team to monitor this in your cities and where your meetings will be held.

7. Content Marketing is Key

Content Marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience. Develop your content marketing strategy and focus on consistent execution and measurement.

8. Telling your Story Through Case Studies

Powerful stories exist in your current client work and the employees who support them. Create a storyboard that showcases the best of your best.   

9. Relationships Matter

And always will. Growing your network is a critical way your AMC can expand your new business opportunities, both with potential clients and through your fellow AMC professionals.

10. Look to Others for Inspiration

Keep your eyes open for ideas from others and how they can inform your business development activities. By the same token, be generous in sharing your thought leadership with others too.

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