The Transformational Power of Psychological Safety in the Workplace

In today’s unprecedented times, creating an environment of psychological safety with stakeholders is important for all AMCs. It’s crucial to meet workplace needs in our interactions with others, whether they be team members, board members, or clients. The level of psych safety determines if individuals feel empowered to speak up, try a new idea, or are even capable of listening to you clearly.

Psychological safety is an important issue for AMCs, especially during the Great Resignation workforce era. According to a report from the Predictive Index, companies are far less likely to experience turnover when psychological safety is practiced in the workplace. Simply put, not practicing this could cause your AMC to lose top talent. 

Join the Emerging Leaders Committee at AMCI’s November Engagement Lounge on Friday, November 19, 2021 at 12:00 PM EST – 1:00 PM EST to hear Christina Rowe, MSOL, Founder of The Collaborative and Cofounder of The Remote Leader Project, lead an interactive discussion on tips to simplify the process of building psych safety with each major party involved in working with associations -- from staff to clients.

Participants can expect an engaging talk from Ms. Rowe, followed by small group problem-solving scenario discussions, and concluding with a question-and-answer session. Participants will be able to demonstrate takeaways for implementation in creating a culture of psychological safety, including identifying language and key phrases to use in different situations within the in-person and virtual workplace. 

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