Start Your RFP or RFI Process

Welcome to the AMC Institute Online RFP portal. If you are seeking the services of an AMC, you have come to the right place!

If you are a volunteer leader or a consultant assisting an organization to obtain the services of an Association Management Company, we have resources especially for you to use prior to submitting an RFP or an RFI. Want to learn more about an RFI vs. and RFP? Find additional RFI reading here

Once you are familiar with the resources and guidelines that we have provided, you may use our online tool to post an RFP through the AMC Institute website for full-service management or outsourced services.

Taking time to work with your Board/governing body on preparing your RFP before it is posted is important. Many organizations develop a search committee to help oversee the process. It is vital to be able to share your current situation and where your organization is headed. If you would like to view suggestions on the search process for an AMC, reference our Recommended Search Process Steps information.

AMCI's RFP program is comprehensive and designed to facilitate an easy, quick, and smooth process in finding the perfect AMC to fit your needs. The more information you provide about your organization, the higher quality proposals you will receive, and the less time you will spend vetting questions. The RFP program was created by AMC owners and guides you in providing all the necessary components an AMC will need to formulate a proposal. 

Ready to get started?

Follow these easy steps to get started.

  1. Determine whether you need to submit a full-service or outsourced service RFP.  Read more about the two models here.

  2. Download the appropriate RFP  or RFI form
    3. Complete the form and upload it to the RFP portal here along with your scope of services.   

So that quality proposals can be submitted, the recommended time frame to receive responses to an RFP is 21-30 days.

Once you have prepared all of the requested information and submitted your RFP, a member of the AMC Institute Headquarters staff will review it to ensure all of the required information is provided. Staff will respond to request incomplete or unclear information. If staff determines there are no modifications necessary,
AMCI members will receive notification via email. Individual AMCs will contact you directly if they are interested in the opportunity. 

Downloadable Resources
Completed RFP Sample
Sample Scope of Services

If you have any questions, please contact Shelli Gilliam, CMP, SEPC at [email protected]g, or by calling 703-570-8955.

RFP: Outsourced Service
RFP: Full Service