Dear fellow AMCI members,

During these challenging times, you, your teams, and your client organizations are in our thoughts as we go through this journey together.

The AMC model as an option for organizational management will likely grow in terms of brand awareness as a result of strategic conversations by a myriad of non-profits. As a valued member of our organization, we need your help in gathering some important data to help tell our story.

In late 2019, the AMC Institute committed to a new research initiative that will demonstrate the long term effectiveness of the AMC business model as:

  1. a viable and flexible management solution for large associations; and
  2. a dynamic environment for the development of association professionals.

 The AMC Institute has contracted with an independent market research firm, Valmont Research, to conduct an online survey of the AMCI membership. All responses to the survey will remain anonymous and confidential. No AMC or client identities will be revealed.

On Monday, June 1, AMC members will receive an email invitation to the survey from Valmont Research. For this research initiative to be a success, we need your participation.

Please note that the survey will ask questions about your three largest client associations. In particular, there will be questions about how long the association has been a client with your firm, its IRS tax classification, gross operating revenue and net operating income, and tenure of the Executive Director/Chief Staff Executive assigned to those clients. Data about AMC-managed associations will be used in a comparative analysis with stand-alone associations to demonstrate the high value of the AMC business model.

Help us help you and other AMC Institute members by completing the survey. If you have any questions, please contact Alisha White at [email protected] – 703.570.8954.


Bennett Napier, MS, CAE
Chair, AMC Institute Board of Directors
President/CEO, Partners in Association Management, Inc.