Resources for Consultants

Matching the right AMC for management services with an association relies heavily on a thorough understanding of the association’s needs by the AMC and the AMC’s capabilities by the association. AMCI offers these resources to consultants to optimize their role in connecting the parties

Guidance for Consultants Seeking AMC Management for Association Clients

These AMCI guidelines offer consultants best practices for effectively connecting association clients with the appropriate AMC as well clarifying common expectations. AMCI offers these recommendations to consultants to optimize their role in connecting the parties. 
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Resources for Volunteer Leaders Considering a Management Change

AMCI also offers resources tailored for volunteer leaders who are conducting or considering an AMC search. 

"Dear Volunteer Leader" 

The benefits of being managed by an AMC are many, but because boards change over time, it is essential to continually educate volunteer leaders as to their organization’s partnership and the terms of its agreement with its AMC.
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AMC Services: Shopping For Shopping’s Sake Is Not Prudent

Do associations managed by employed staff routinely “shop around” for a new executive director when the current executive is performing well? Is it common for a board of directors to explain to its chief staff executive that, although his or her performance is entirely satisfactory or even exemplary, the board wants to “test the waters” to see if there is someone else out there who is better or less expensive?

If the obvious answer to these questions is “no,” then why do boards of associations managed satisfactorily by association management companies feel that “shopping around” for management services is an acceptable practice?
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