Which AMC membership is for you?

AMC Institute has two AMC membership categories:

AMC Active Membership

Active membership* in AMC Institute is granted to for-profit association management companies (AMCs) that provide full-service management to two or more associations. The annual fee is based upon the gross AMC revenue from all association management activity.

AMC Provisional Membership 

Provisional members* are AMCs with only one client. This status is granted for a 12-month period from the date of acceptance. After 12 months, Provisional members can either join as an Active Member if they have obtained a second client or they can apply for a second provisional term. Provisional status is only granted for a maximum of two years.

*To be an eligible AMC Active or AMC Provisional member you must meet the following criteria and adhere to the AMCI Code of Ethics and Professional Practices.

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AMC Membership Benefits


The AMC Institute (AMCI) is the only source completely dedicated to the needs of association management companies (AMCs). As a member of AMCI, you will be provided with a variety of benefits and resources to help your AMC.

AMC Model Marketing Materials

AMCI is dedicated to advancing the AMC model, and to deepening association stakeholders’ understanding of how AMCs increase the value and relevance of their organizations. AMCI engages in strategic initiatives that promote the ways association management companies (AMCs) lead organizations toward greater growth and prosperity. At the heart of AMCs are passionate and attentive professionals who champion the cultural values and strategic objectives of their clients. AMCs deliver unparalleled leadership acumen, accountability, and support to produce tangible value for organizations. Regardless of the type of service sought, associations rely on AMCs to increase their importance to members.

AMC Model Proof Points

AMCI has worked with universities and outside vendors to facilitate many research projects and surveys exploring the myriad of ways the AMC Model is beneficial for clients and potential clients. The goal was to provide AMCI members with unbiased, data-based evidence of the effectiveness of the model. Members use this information in marketing their firms and in responding to RFPs. Below are a few sneak peaks of the findings:

  • The 2016 Industry Impact Study and the 2016 study conducted by Brigham Young University found:
    • Organizations choosing a full-service management solution grew by 300% (versus 23% for standalones)
    • AMC-managed associations experience more growth in net assets and net revenue regardless of size and tax status
  • Operating Ratio & Profitability Survey:
    • The AMC Institute surveyed member and non-member association management companies to develop benchmarks for company financial and operating performance.
  • Client Operating Ratio Survey:
    •  This study not only reports average and median data for Income and Expense categories but includes quartile data for each ratio studied. 

Online RFP Program

The Online RFP Program distributes RFPs for full-service management and outsourced services to all AMCs who opt-in to this member benefit. AMC owners designed it to guide potential clients in providing all the necessary components an AMC needs to formulate quality and comprehensive proposals. 

Education & Networking

Our meetings offer education and networking so that members can gain knowledge, share expertise and engage in meaningful activities to help grow their businesses.  Annual programs include the AMCI Annual Meeting and AMCs Engaged.  AMCI also leads two annual hosted buyer groups for IMEX in Frankfurt and IMEX America in Las Vegas. Click here to learn about upcoming meetings.

Member Resource Library

AMC Institute provides a depth of resources to help your AMC grow and operate efficiently. Session materials, samples, templates, and guidelines are available at your fingertips and easily searchable. Some of the easily accessible resources include:

  • Compensation & Billing Survey
  • Marketing Research
  • Brand Toolkit
  • Operating Ratio & Profitability Survey
  • Accreditation Sample Policies
  • Marketing Infographics
  • Benchmarking Research
  • White Papers

AMCI Accreditation Program

The AMCI Accreditation Program provides a robust process for assessing the internal operating procedures and service delivery methods of AMCs. At the core of the accreditation process is the AMCI/ANSI Standards of Good Practice which enhances management practices across AMCs and assists AMCs in the establishment of internal quality service systems. Organizations that have adopted the Standard have made a commitment to uphold and deliver the highest level of service using a documented set of standard practices.  Accredited AMCs have demonstrated that they meet or exceed the requirements in the Standard, and organizations can be assured that accredited AMCs demonstrate a high level of professionalism and responsibility. Accredited AMCs can be found by using the Accredited AMCs directory.

Partner Benefit Programs

AMCI works with its Strategic Partners to offer valuable cost-saving programs that benefit all AMC members. See examples below:

AMBA Consumer provides specially-priced insurance policies to AMC Institute Members. AMBA provides excellent insurance coverage for your clients and your AMC. Available only to AMC Institute members, AMBA offers a complete line of insurance programs including Association Professional Liability.

Encore® is a leading full-service event technology provider in the global audiovisual and event technology services industry and is a key strategic partner for AMCI. As a member of AMCI, your AMC can take advantage of significant benefits from Encore, including:
  • 20% equipment discount (when Encore is the exclusive provider for the event);
  • Dedicated, single point of contact within Encore; and
  • Encore staff will work with you even if Encore is not the on-site provider.

Legal Updates

AMCI attorney, Hugh Webster, Esq., partners with D.C.-based Webster, Chamberlain & Bean specializing in nonprofits, provides legal updates on issues of interest to AMCs.

Leadership Opportunities

AMCI’s strategic objectives are carried out through various committees. Members are encouraged to get involved and join a committee. Service as a volunteer leader in your industry organization will not only further your professional growth but also the growth of the AMC industry as a whole.  

Member Matters and Industry Update e-Newsletters

Our e-newsletters provide information about the activities of the association. Member Matters is a bimonthly newsletter containing a Feature Article, Member News, Accreditation updates, and Meeting & Event information. This communication vehicle helps ensure members are taking advantage of all the benefits available to them. It also provides a way to apprise members of trends within the AMC industry. Industry Update is a quarterly newsletter updating members on trends, marketing, and key initiatives.  

Online Communities and Networking

AMCI provides a vibrant LinkedIn group and Twitter community to promote the AMC industry and member participation. 

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