AMC Institute Code of Ethical Values

Companies within the association management industry enjoy a unique position of trust with the client organizations they serve due to the nature of their work and the resulting deep and enduring relationships they enjoy with their clients.

Given their appreciation for these tremendously valuable relationships, the members of the AMC Institute embrace the operational, strategic, and fiduciary responsibilities client organizations entrust to them with a commitment to the highest standards of excellence in the association management industry. In fulfilling that commitment, members individually and collectively follow a set of shared values designed to align expectations for the manner in which they will (a) prioritize and protect the interests of their industry’s clients; and (b) grow their community so that an increasing number of client organizations can benefit from the value proposition of the association management company model.  

The values that AMC Institute Members agree to follow are: 

  • Care.  We will exercise all reasonable care and diligence when carrying out our responsibilities to our clients. We will be attentive and prudent in managing client affairs. This includes ensuring qualified staff is assigned to carry out contracted responsibilities. 
  • Loyalty.  We will act in the best interests of our clients and will not take actions detrimental to those interests.  In all transactions with clients, we will act fairly and in good faith. 
  • Trustworthiness.  We will demonstrate our trustworthiness to clients, business partners, and our communities by acting with honesty and integrity in everything we do. 
  • Respect.  We will respect the positions and beliefs of our clients, business partners, employees, and communities. We will respect the confidential nature of the knowledge we gain through our work and will act according to legal and ethical requirements.
  • Accountability.  We will honor all of our commitments to clients, even when doing so may at times be uncomfortable or difficult. We will strive for excellence in all of the services we provide. If problems arise with our work, we will assume responsibility to make things right.     
  • Industry Advancement & Growth:  We will channel our passion for both the association management company model and its ability to best enable purpose-driven outcomes for client organizations by contributing to the AMC Institute’s efforts to elevate the quality and reach of our model.  

For ourselves, our AMC Institute peers, the talented professionals who work at our companies, and, most importantly, the client organizations that trust us to fulfill their missions and achieve success for their organizations, the members of the AMC Institute commit to these values as core foundational elements of their own operations.