AMCI 2022 Committee & Task Force Leadership & Charges

2022 Annual Meeting Committee

ChairJim Thompson, CAE, IOM, Capitol Hill Management Services, Inc.
Chair-Elect: Amy Lotz, CAE, MCI USA
Board Liaison: Sarah Timm, CAE, CMP-HC, Parthenon Management Group
Charge: To develop content and delivery of the AMCI 2022 Annual Meeting.

2023 Annual Meeting Committee

Chair: Amy Lotz, CAE,  MCI USA
Chair-Elect: Jodi Fisher, CAE, CMP, Impact Association
Board Liaison: Ruth Abrahamson, Base Consulting and Management Inc.
Charge: To develop content and delivery of the AMCI 2023 Annual Meeting.

Accreditation & Standards Committee

Chair: Michael Silverman, JD, SmithBucklin
Chair-Elect: Bennett Napier, Partners in Association Management
Board Liaison: Nick Ruffin, AMR Management Services
Charge: To encourage, support, and equip AMCs to attain accreditation by AMC Institute, and promote best practices in accreditation.

2022 AMCs Engaged Committee

ChairMolly Marsh, AMR Management Services
Chair-Elect/Board Liaison: Ruth Abrahamson, Base Consulting and Management Inc
Charge: To develop content and delivery of the AMCs Engaged Meeting.

Community Engagement Committee

Chair: Kirsten Reader, Impact Association Management
Chair-Elect: Beth Quick Andrews, Q&A Business Solutions
Board Liaison: Kay Whalen, Executive Director, Inc.
Charge: To promote membership retention and engagement. In support of the Board of Directors' strategic focus on sustainable member and industry growth, this committee will work with current members to identify gaps in member services, products, and benefits, share ideas for new products/suggest products/potentially implement engagement products/programs. The committee will help to foster the concept of community by creating a space to integrate new members, and regularly identify and engage all members on issues and opportunities that impact AMC members.

Emerging Leaders Committee

Chair: Paulina van Eeden Hill, CAE, Strategic Association Management (SAM)
Chair-Elect: Gene Terry, Association Headquarters
Board Liaison: Megan Woodburn, CAE, Strategic Association Management (SAM)
Charge: To promote engagement of mid-level professionals within the AMCI community and provide oversight to foster the concept of an emerging leader community through engagement around issues and opportunities that impact the next generation of AMC leaders.

Professional Advancement Committee

Chair/Board Liaison: Michael Dwyer, CAE, Association Headquarters, Inc. (AH)
Chair-Elect: Charles Hall, Association Services Group
Charge: To develop a comprehensive plan for AMCI’s professional development content, delivery, and financial modeling.

Provider Partner Committee

Chair: Kris Jebson, MGM Resorts International
Chair-Elect: Dan Ketelsen,  Associated Luxury Hotels International
Board Liaison: Mike Dominguez, Associated Luxury Hotels International
Charge: To prospect eligible associate members, serve as ambassadors to new and potential members at appropriate events, and follow up during the membership renewal process.