Maintaining Accreditation

In order to maintain AMC Institute Accreditation Status AMCs are required to apply for reaccreditation every four years. The process is similar to the initial accreditation process; however, since you already have documented policies and procedures in place, the reaccreditation process is focused on verifying, updating, and enhancing existing policies and procedures. 

The Reaccreditation Process 

  • Review the processes that were submitted during your original application.
  • Submit the Forms 1002-1006 & AICPA Information Release form. 
    • Note: When submitting form 1005, include your most recent peer review.
  • Submit the accreditation maintenance fee payment. (You do not need to complete Form #1001 or pay the original application fee for reaccreditation)
  • You should plan to schedule your auditor's visit no later than one month prior to your accreditation anniversary date. The Reviewer's Review Report Form 1004 should be submitted no later than three weeks prior to your accreditation anniversary date to allow time for processing and confirmation that you have successfully maintained your AMC Institute Accreditation.
If you have any questions as you progress, please contact [email protected]