AMC Accreditation

NEW in 2024!  The AMC Institute is pleased to announce that new ANSI approved Standard has been released for AMCs to review. Please click here.


 Accreditation delivers  

  • Confidence: Associations derive increased value and benefits partnering with an AMC that implements rigorously tested industry best practices which meet or exceed the requirements of an American National Standard 
  • Guidance:  The standard empowers AMCs to accelerate business strength, sustainability, and maturity through enhanced professionalism, performance, operational efficiencies, and service delivery. 
  • Competitive Advantages: Accredited AMCs enjoy “Best-in-Class” validation and recognition for providing superior service and products to clients and an enriching experience for employees, bolstered by access to exclusive AMCI marketing opportunities.   

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AMCI Accreditation offers substantial benefits to your company – from supporting your business development efforts to ensuring organizational effectiveness. Among the key advantages offered by accreditation are:

  • In the last five years, over 75% of RFPs submitted through the AMCI online portal either required accreditation or gave preference to accredited firms;
  • Accreditation demonstrates to existing and prospective clients that your AMC is able to deliver professional services that meet the most stringent standards;
  • Only the highest quality and well-run firms are accredited;
  • Since many of your client associations manage certification and accreditation programs, as an Accredited AMC, you’re “walking the talk” in terms of supporting your client’s approach;
  • Best practices are documented and woven into your processes consistently across all clients; and
  • Adhering to the standards increases transparency and accountability.
Hear from a member AMC on the benefits of becoming Accredited. 


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