AMC Accreditation

Elevating a strategic and efficient management model for associations through a commitment to standardized excellence.

Accreditation provides:

  • Confidence to our clients that their interests are protected by industry best practices that clients will derive significant value and benefits from partnering with an accredited AMC.
  • Guidance to non-accredited AMCs to accelerate business maturity and enhance professionalism, performance, operational efficiencies, and service delivery.
  • The mark of “Third Party Verification” to accredited AMCs validates proven systems and processes for delivering consistent quality services to clients and an enriching experience for employees.

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AMCI Accreditation offers substantial benefits to your company – from supporting your business development efforts to ensuring organizational effectiveness. Among the key advantages offered by accreditation are:

  • In the last five years, over 75% of RFPs submitted through the AMCI online portal either required accreditation or gave preference to accredited firms;
  • Accreditation demonstrates to existing and prospective clients that your AMC is able to deliver professional services that meet the most stringent standards;
  • Only the highest quality and well-run firms are accredited;
  • Since many of your client associations manage certification and accreditation programs, as an Accredited AMC, you’re “walking the talk” in terms of supporting your client’s approach;
  • Best practices are documented and woven into your processes consistently across all clients; and
  • Adhering to the standards increases transparency and accountability.
Learn how the Markens Group designs processes for best practices in order to become accredited.


"Working with an Accredited AMC gives association clients confidence that they’re working with experts in the field who know what they are doing. Being able to explain to a volunteer Treasurer or Board member the extensive processes in place as Accredited AMCs give them peace of mind."

Jennifer Miller
Stringfellow Management Group

"The real value of AMCI Accreditation lies in the process.  The outputs from working through accreditation (and reaccreditation) are good for our associations and beneficial for my AMC."

J. Michael Reitelbach, CAE
Organization Management Group, Inc.

"It wasn't until my firm began the re-accreditation process that I had my AHH-HA moment. And now, I'm a believer." Read "The Re-Accreditation Process Made Me a Believer"

JJ Colburn, CAE
Strategic Association Management


Get the AMCI Accreditation Advantage!

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