2024 AMCI Award Information and Nominations

Nominations are open for AMCI's Awards and Recognition Program. Whether it is an up-and-coming executive already making a mark as an AMC professional, a seasoned leader whose talent and vision have advanced our industry, or a firm’s unique ability to notably change a client’s success trajectory, we want to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of our members.

We hope you take this opportunity to nominate a deserving individual, team, or firm for one or more of the awards noted below. All entries must be fully completed and submitted through the online application by March 21, at 11:59 PM EDT. All nominees will receive an award application to complete for their respective award nominations. To ensure appropriate time for evaluation and selection, no extensions can be granted.

You are also invited to put Tuesday, July 30, 2024, on your calendar to join our community’s best and brightest at AMCI’s first annual Awards and Recognition Celebration. The event will be held in conjunction with AMC’s Engaged in Montréal, Québec, Canada. 

Individual Awards


Organizational Awards

Glenn W. Bostrom Lifetime Achievement Award

  • AMCI’s highest honor, presented to a past or present individual AMC Leader.
  • For outstanding career leadership and achievement benefiting the AMC industry.
    • Accomplishments include a broad scope of lifetime leadership and service efforts to AMCI and other organizations.

AMC Ambassador of the Year Award

  • Showcases how AMCI member firm /AMCI Partner includes the power of the AMC model in their marketing approach / supports the AMC model
  • Highlights contributions that lead industry outreach (speaking engagements, involvement in the association industry) that promote AMCI and the AMC model

AMCI Excellence in Leadership Award

  • Presented to an AMCI member representative demonstrating leadership, vision, and teamwork through volunteerism at AMCI 

 Excellence in AMC Client Advancement Award

  • Highlights “against all odds” situation (measuring growth, possibly turnaround situation) including growth % in multiple areas.

AMCI Rising Leader Award

  • Presented to an individual, demonstrating ability to accept and execute leadership opportunities providing extraordinary support and service to the AMC and/or clients, including:
    • Volunteerism and visibility within AMCI and/or other industry communities
    • Visible thought-leadership within the member company and the AMCI community

Outstanding AMC Culture Award

  • Presented to an AMC with an exemplary organizational culture.
  • Selection for this award will include talent experience, community outreach, and internal community building (DE&I initiatives, onboarding, engagement, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are self-nominations permitted?
Yes, self-nominations are accepted.
Note: Rising Leader Award nominations must be made by an AMC Principal only.
Does AMCI accept posthumous nominations?
No, posthumous nominations are not allowed but will be considered if the nomination was submitted when the nominee was still alive.
Can I submit more than one nomination?
Yes, you may submit more than one nomination for multiple awards.

Must I be with an accredited AMC to make a nomination?
No, accreditation is not required. However, AMC-accredited nominees may receive higher consideration.

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