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AMCI Accreditation: It’s good for business. It’s good for management.

AMCI Accreditation: It’s good for business. It’s good for management.

Author: Mike Reitelbach, CAE, RCE, IOM President, Organization Management Group

Frankly, I cannot point to a single client association and claim that we earned their business strictly through accreditation.  But then I never really thought that we would.  I can say that OMG did get some opportunities because of being accredited that we might not have otherwise received.

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AMC Institute Launches Accreditation Working Group

Launched in October 2022 as a new benefit exclusive to AMCI members, the Accreditation Working Group has been created by AMCI members, for AMCI members, as they journey down the path of accreditation. Leading the charge of the Accreditation Working Group is Beth Quick-Andrews of Q&A Business Solutions, and Gregory Brooks of AMC Source. Below you will find their experience in creating the first Accreditation Working Group and goals for current and future working group.

If you are interested in learning more about the Accreditation process, join us for an interactive accreditation panel on November 30!

This article has been provided by Beth Quick-Andrews of Q&A Business Solutions, and Gregory Brooks of AMC Source.

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Four Newly Accredited AMCs Recognized at Annual Meeting

Four Newly Accredited AMCs Recognized at Annual Meeting

We have all heard of overachievers during the pandemic – loaves of bread, puzzles completed, miles tracked on fake bikes. Some of our AMC colleagues truly used the time to their professional and competitive advantage – becoming an accredited firm within AMCI.

 We had the chance during our Annual Meeting to recognize the four most recently accredited firms, AMC Source, ICOM, Management Connection, and Q & A Business Solutions.  Kudos to their respective principals, Gregory Brooks, Dr. Ahmed El Shal, Nick Bundra, and Beth Quick-Andrews, CAE, for rallying their teams and completing the intensive accreditation process in a virtual environment. And as my company is part of a global firm, I want to issue a special welcome to ICOM, headquartered in the UAE with an additional office in Cairo.

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The (Re) Accreditation Process Made Me a Believer

A little more than two years ago, I made the move from serving as a stand-alone association executive to the AMC owner world. Like many who make this transition, I spent the first 18 months just trying to keep my head above water/drinking from the firehose/dodging flaming arrows…insert your favorite appropriate analogy here. But for most reading this, I imagine you understand the challenges inherent in the AMC pace and the juggling skills we must acquire.

I knew from the beginning that our firm was “accredited” – in fact, this was part of the preliminary fact-finding discussion I had with my then would-be business partner. Early on, she explained often to me and others that our firm had set processes to guide staff in multiple areas of our services as association managers, as well as various aspects of the business side of things. She explained the differences in accreditation as “process-based” versus an individual credential, like the CAE, as more “knowledge-based.” She talked about the great value of being an accredited firm – both internally and externally.

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