AMC Institute Launches Accreditation Working Group

Launched in October 2022 as a new benefit exclusive to AMCI members, the Accreditation Working Group has been created by AMCI members, for AMCI members, as they journey down the path of accreditation. Leading the charge of the Accreditation Working Group is Beth Quick-Andrews of Q&A Business Solutions, and Gregory Brooks of AMC Source. Below you will find their experience in creating the first Accreditation Working Group and goals for current and future working group.

If you are interested in learning more about the Accreditation process, join us for an interactive accreditation panel on November 30!

This article has been provided by Beth Quick-Andrews of Q&A Business Solutions, and Gregory Brooks of AMC Source.

If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together. 
- Proverb from Burkina Faso

During the 2020 AMC Institute Annual Conference in Long Beach, California, Beth Quick-Andrews, Jim Andrews of Q&A Business Solutions, Jodi Fisher, Kirsten Reader of Impact Association Management and Debra Nolan, Gregory Brooks of AMC Source connected in the hotel lobby to discuss the idea of becoming accredited. Each had been on the accreditation journey for some time.  All had previously attended the AMC Accreditation Workshops facilitated by Sue Pine.

Shortly following the conference, the world experienced an unprecedented global pandemic. AMCs began to scramble to advise association clients on how to best navigate through the challenging times. Gregory Brooks recalled Jeanne Sheehy of Bostrom during a workshop saying “don’t forget to make your AMC a client.” It was this profound statement Greg shared with the two other AMCs interested in becoming accredited. With less travel and more office and remote time – the three AMCs made a pact they would support each other to become accredited AMCs.

They formed a study group and met virtually each month. While each work group member owned a different sized AMC and brought different management styles and approaches to accreditation – there was a consistency on how they collaborated to manage the process, including timelines, assignments, and outcomes. The group developed a virtual space to share resources. Each month, members shared their achievements and challenges. Members of the group developed a mutual trust and respect for each other. Each group member was just a phone call or email away when questions arose during the month.

The Accreditation Work Group met at a collective nine times over the course of a year.  Each achieved accreditation during a 12-month period of time, leaving no one behind. Beth Quick Andrews remarked, “We made a pact to help each other pass the finish line. This is exactly what we did!”

The three AMCs continue to connect and grow together both professionally and personally. Kirsten Reader noted, "Without the workgroup Impact AMC had with our peers and colleagues, I know accreditation would have taken our company much longer! Our workgroup partners were helpful in working through the standards together, having a sounding board on how to implement things at our AMC, and most importantly, were our accountability partners!"

Greg and Beth now serve on the Accreditation Standards Committee. They are leading the Institute’s efforts to formalize the Accreditation Work Group Model by authoring guidelines and expectations for future work group participants.  Greg and Beth are also making themselves available to help facilitate the launch of the first official AMC Institute Work Group this Fall.  Beth noted that “much like studying for the CAE in a Study Group was a key to success, the Accreditation Work Group model provided some of the best professional and personal development in my career.  We were in it together.”

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