AH Client JPMA Fosters Creativity, Positivity and Kindness During COVID-19

The Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA) is a client partner of Association Headquarters (AH). AH is a best-in-class association management company dedicated to enabling associations and societies to fulfill their missions, create value, and advance their causes, industries, and professions. AH understands association trends and best practices and has professionals experienced in management, meetings, marketing, non-dues revenue growth, technology, recruiting, finances, and more.   

JPMA has been working hard to educate and support our members, stakeholders, and other key players in our industry during COVID-19 and beyond. We aim to create an inclusive environment filled with kindness as we all navigate our new normal. Below are just a few examples of how we have been and continue to implement these crucial values.

JPMA has recently implemented a new series called, Jumpstart your Day with JPMA. This new series engages our JPMA board, members, and staff as we discuss the most pressing issues in our industry. We have been covering COVID-19 - pain points, challenges, and future outlooks. With this series, we are hoping to spread kindness through networking, foster a genuine connection between the association and our members, as well as provide support during these difficult times. Similarly, our first annual JPMA State of the Industry virtual event, held on Thursday, July 16 was created and implemented to broadcast and inform our members on the biggest issues impacting the industry today. 

In addition, JPMA has launched a new career center. JPMA’s career center goals are to connect talent with opportunity, to help create easier access to those looking for a job during this difficult time, and help to retain talent within our industry.

September is Baby Safety Month and all month long, JPMA will educate parents and caregivers on the importance of the safe selection and use of baby and children’s products. We have launched a month of service, challenging every one of our members and industry stakeholders to give back to the community in a variety of ways including, but not limited to; 

  • Donating to a local charity,
  • Buying a meal for the nurses and staff at a local NICU
  •  Host Facebook sessions to teach proper car seat use, safe sleep, furniture tip-over, babywearing, and more.
  •  Host a Day of Service at a local organization & volunteer at a nonprofit
  • Collect gently used infant clothing, toys, and books for local shelters and organizations
  • Plan a diapers and wipes collection at your workplace

 These are just a few of the ways we have been challenging our own members to get involved and make a positive difference through kindness and service.

JPMA has continued to advocate for our Industry providing frequent regulatory and legislative comments, position statements and letters on the issues that matter most. This includes 1-2-1 support in the form of 17 submitted comments in support of extensions for every Section 301 List 3 and List 4A tariff exclusion granted to our members between March - June 2020, and 3 public comments submitted at federal and state level regarding Section 301 tariffs and heat stroke alarms.  JPMA was instrumental in ensuring that during the lockdown, baby products were classified as essential products so families could continue to get the critical items they need.

With our Industry and many others impacted, JPMA has been working hard to provide support to all members of our community. We note it is imperative to spread kindness and positivity more than ever. We maintain an inclusive environment that will work hard to foster genuine connection and support now and beyond COVID-19.

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