Demonstrating the Path Forward for Meetings and Events

ALHI’s goal is to lead the way in 2021 by demonstrating how face-to-face meetings can happen safely without sacrificing engaging on-site experiences.

Since July, ALHI hosted nine face-to-face meetings across the United States that served as learning labs for upcoming events. The meetings offered unique opportunities to observe and participate in new room settings, food and beverage setups, and safety measures, along with virtual experiences.

Safety procedures included a reimagined registration process with plexiglass barriers between the event staff and attendees; registration tables divided alphabetically; and attendees picking up their own registration packets along with PPE kits (including face masks, hand sanitizer, and temperature strips).

In general sessions, setups were designed for either one person per table with 6 feet of space between attendees, or theatre-style with individual soft seating and staggered side tables. Entrance and exit doors were allocated to control attendee transition between sessions and breaks.

See more of the simple, yet innovative strategies on ALHI’s homepage Hyperlink:

-Bill Gruisch ALHI

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