Case Study:
Revamping the National
Licensure Examination
Study Guide at NAB

AMCs can help associations find solutions when making significant changes to existing programs that
can be challenging to implement. Read on to learn how an AMC helped the National Association of
Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) develop an enhanced study guide for members based
on their feedback and input.

The Challenge

  • While initially moving away from a printed
    study guide in 2017, NAB did not fully
    realize their objective of providing an
    innovative, engaging product that would be
    easily modified in future years.
  • To design a state-of-the-art, engaging
    digital study guide utilizing innovative
    technology tools such as real-life, scenario-
    based learning, gamification, artificial
    intelligence, and more to prepare senior
    living and health services administrators to
    take their national licensing exams.

The Process

To make the digital study guide more
effective for its members, the AMC:

  • Coordinated with the academic
    community as well as the professional
    community to create a solution that
    worked for different learning styles.
  • Worked directly with students on the
    redeveloped study guide to get early
    feedback and implement changes to
    future modules.


With an innovative approach to testing
and the AMC’s expertise
in association
management, NAB was able to attain:

Increase revenue
by 270% and
membership by

An increase of 52%
in average sales
over past years

Over 800 new users
since launching on
November 30, 2022

Grow the number of
physicians in hospice
and palliative medicine
by nearly 8,000
through the
HPM Match program.

The final product is an individualized learning approach that allows users to engage with real-world
scenarios through the use of interactive content, game-based learning, situational analyses,
practice questions, and more. Future improvements include implementing “Ask the Expert”
webinars, a self-assessment tool, and practice tests.