Case Study:
Decade of Dynamic Growth
American Academy of Hospice
and Palliative Medicine

AMCs can help associations grow by using strategies based on their specific needs and goals.

Read on
to learn how the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM) tapped into an
AMC’s expertise to increase revenue by 270% and membership by 80% in under 10 years. 

The Challenge

  • Expand within the hospice and palliative
    medicine field and develop more resources
    for its members.
  • Remain a leading advocate for hospice and
    palliative care providers and patients.

The Process

The expertise of AMC staff was key to
AAHPM’s growth during this time by:

  • Tapping into the knowledge base of AMC
    leaders in governance, strategic
    leadership, product development,
    member retention, and health policy
  • Redesigning governance structure and
    achievement-of-goals outline in four
    successive strategic plans.


By employing these growth-minded strategies,
AAHPM was able to:

Increase revenue
by 270% and
membership by

the Journal
of Pain and

Expand the AAHPM
Annual Assembly to
have a more inclusive
and engaging learning
experience for its
nearly 3,500 yearly

Grow the number of
physicians in hospice
and palliative medicine
by nearly 8,000
through the
HPM Match program.

With AAHPM’s expertise in the field and the AMC’s expertise in association
management, the Academy exceeded its 10-year goals, and its
growth is showing no signs of stopping.

With the help of an AMC, within 10 years AAHPM has: 

Created more than 40
including those
focused on member diversity,
and facilitated workforce
initiatives such as innovative
leadership programming. 

Introduced a Hospice Medical
Director Certification Program,

a unified clinical patient data
registry, and the first HPM
Match medical residency

Supported and stewarded more
than $12 million in grant
funding support
and acquired
the Journal of Pain and
Symptom Management. 

Developed a portfolio of
successful products
designed to
improve the care of patients and

Introduced the Palliative Care and
Hospice Education and Training Act
(PCHETA) in Congress and created a new
Alternative Payment Model.