AMC Request For Information(RFI) Portal

Welcome to the AMC Request For Information(RFI) Portal.  This page is designed to be the first stop for associations that are considering reaching out to Association Management Companies (AMC) for services. If you are an AMC visiting this page, please scroll down to the "For AMCs" section.

For Associations

Are you an association curious about AMCs and the services they offer?
Are you unsure if you need Outsourced or Full AMC services?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you are in the right place! The Request for Information portal is designed to give you an introduction to AMCs before going through the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. Below you will find an infographic describing the RFI/RFP Process.

AMC Institute's RFI Process

1. Association decides it wants to explore AMC services.
2. Association fills out RFI on the AMCI RFI Portal.
3. AMCI Reviews RFI and sends out to AMC members.
4. Interested AMCs will fill out the AMC Profile and email back to the association.
5. Based on the information received, association will decide if moving forward with an RFP is the best option.
6. If yes, association will need to decide between Full AMC Services and Outsourced AMC Services, and complete the RFP as needed.

To ensure the best quality submissions for your association, please remember these guidelines:

  • When filling out your RFI, please answer the questions as fully and honestly as possible
  • Specify qualifications and criteria from the beginning to ensure only the most qualified AMCs will respond.
  • Please ensure that you are keeping the confidentiality of AMCs that are responding to you.
  • If there are a few standout AMCs, make the decision to connect with them directly prior to going through the RFP process.
Download Association RFI Form Here
Submit RFI Here

After careful consideration, if you think your association has the information it needs, and want to submit an RFP, then please visit our AMC Outsourced or AMC Full Service portals to continue along in your journey.

For AMCs

RFIs are a key component in ensuring that associations are ready to move forward with AMC services. To ensure a smooth process, please follow these guidelines:

  • Use the AMC Profile pdf when replying to the RFI (found here, or attached to the RFI email).
  • Include resumes for key AMC personnel.
  • In an additional written document (no more than three pages) discuss:
    • Key differentiators that make your AMC stand out as the best choice for the association.
    • How your company aligns with the association's needs and goals.
    • How your company can address the association's current concerns

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or by calling 703-570-8955.